Executive Board

Our board members are deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our members, businesses, and community.

Photo credit Mr. Larry Bommarito (used with permission of the St. Louis Fire Department)

Jason Barker

A-Shift Rep

Kyle Scherrer

A-Shift Rep

Andrew Callis

B-Shift Rep

Tony Serangeli

B-Shift Rep

Galen Taylor

C-Shift Rep

Louie Bollasina

C-Shift Rep

Mike Thieret

EMS A-Shift Rep

Colin Greis

EMS B-Shift Rep

Tyler Patterson

EMS C-Shift Rep

Cody Carpenter

EMS D-Shift Rep

Richard Minton

Headquarters Rep

Steve Appelhans

Airport Rep

Mike Whalen

Retiree Rep

Blake Novack

Sgt At Arms

Nick Walters

Sgt At Arms